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TOTP.APP - is a online generator of one-time passwords, based on TOTP (RFC 6238) algorithm. A web-based analog of the Google Authenticator mobile application.

How to connect: An application using one-time passwords, based on TOTP algorithm, must provide a secret key. Add this secret key to TOTP.APP. The application name can be specified any, this field is necessary so that you understand for which particular application a one-time password is generated. If you connect a site, you can specify the name of this site in the application name. After application is added, TOTP.APP will generate one-time passwords for this application every 30 seconds.

How to use: Add TOTP.APP to your browser bookmarks. When the connected application requests a one-time password, go to TOTP.APP, look at the current one-time password for this application and enter it into needed field in the application. If the connected application and TOTP.APP used on the same device, you can simply click on the current one-time password, it will be copied to clipboard, then simply paste the password into the needed field of the application. If the one-time password changed immediately after you copied it, you do not have to copy it again, most applications take the previous one-time password for about 30-60 seconds.

Caution! All TOTP.APP data is stored only in the memory of your browser (is not stored on our server). When you clear browser cache or reinstall browser, all your data on TOTP.APP will be deleted. Do not forget to save your secret keys in a safe place and make their backup copies so that if necessary, you can restore your applications to TOTP.APP.

Caution! The TOTP algorithm is tied to the current time. TOTP.APP will generate the correct one-time passwords only if the time on your device is set correctly.

To change the application name, click on the application name, change it and click on any free area to save.

To remove an application, replace its name with a minus sign.

Connected applications are sorted alphabetically. If you want to sort the applications in a specific order, add the numbers (with leading zeros if there are more than 9 applications) to the top of application names.

Restoring applications from backup is replaces names of existing applications, adds missing applications, and does not delete anything.